Winter is here and it does not get any better every year it comes around. Through each winter I learn a little about how to get through it without getting several sick. We lack alot of healthy nutrients for our body as well as keeping up the maintenance for it because we go into hibernation mode. I decided to put together some of my winters must-haves and for you all, you should try.

The Polite Society Tea Co, has recently become my winter must have since adding it to my morning routine. I try my best to have the lemon and ginger every other day. The are several good benefits of having this tea from energy boosting, skin care, weight loss, hair care, boosting the body immunity, and many more. On a cold day, this is the perfect method for improving the mood.

The lack of sun has a crazy effect on my body from skin to my mood, so a great solution if your not in a hot country is Vitamin D3 tablets. I have been using Vega Nutritionals for a good month and half. My skin feels alot better than most my winters I have had, my mood is alot better which is great for me and I seem to want to do more.

Liquid Health is my joint saver every winter crept in to help my active joints. When winter comes in I usually have no motivation because I am in alot of pain and my joints are weak. This has all the ingredients for healthier joints to keep you going through winter.

Sometimes on a cold day I need a warm brew so I look to Tetleys Lemon and Orange green tea; this is another option to consider for a ray of sunshine. Its perfect to start the day with especially when on a cloudy day. My skin looks alot healthier since having this nearly every other day. Its helped me through those days I just get finish my work, as I am a woman who grew up with sunshine.

This is a remedy I swear by and have been doing it for many years, hot water with half a lemon squeeze. It has saved me so much over from keeping my body maintenance up to date. It gives me energy, cleans out the system and helps my immune system.

7 thoughts on “The Winter Must Try To Get Through The Cold Season

  1. Marya says:

    Never had a chance to live somewhere in the winter for so long, so I’m not quite familiar with the struggles. But thanks for the post, got this post bookmarked for future reference.

  2. karen says:

    I studied nutrition and hydration is key during any season. To cope with winter, it’s great to have a nutritional year rather than just starting when the winter arrives. Hot water and lemon is a super way to wake up your liver and also fish oils will help with any stiff joints and magnesium (as we are generally deficient) for cramps. Kx

  3. Shona says:

    Oh yes to the humble lemon! I have freshly squeezed lemon and ginger juice in green tea every morning with half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper all year round. It not only tastes fantastic and gets the blood running, it wards off all kinds of lurgy through the colder months. Stay well through winter! 🙂

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