Vegan, it seems to be a trend but actually has been around of decades. I turned vegan about 2 and half years ago after years of being a meat eater. I told myself I would never become a vegan, and it was impossible for me to become one. It just took a few documentaries and alot of research to realize I was going down the wrong direction. It was not just for my body and mind but for the environment and the innocent animals. Through these years of being vegan I get asked soo many questions but the main is Why Am I Vegan ? Is there a right or wrong answer ? Is there a rule book?

Why Am I vegan ?

Its for all reasons regarding kindness and compassion for the animal, the environment and myself. It sounds crazy to some to mention ‘Myself’ in this but I also matter. I do not just save an innocent beautiful animal from dying but also save myself too. Everything single thing I put into my body matters. When looking into what is injected into animals, how they are killed and the environment these animals are in; it definitely concerned me. I was interested to understand all these situations that the animal is put in, how does it effect my mind and body.

The reason why we have the mass amount of cows, chickens, lambs, sheep and pigs is because of humans. The animals naturally dont produce that many calves or babies in general per year. We humans push it and force it because we make the excuse thats its our right to do so. Right ? WRONG. Its not our right to forcely impreganant female cows, its not our right to pump chickens with chemicals to grow fast and kills they babies.

They say religion is the excuse, because it says God made them for us to eat. When I hear such things my first question is always ” Did God tell you to abuse the animals for you to eat them ? ” that tends to scare most people but thats becaus they have no idea what any animal has to go through, for them to be on your plate everyday.

Why am I vegan? well that answer is pretty simple. Its because I don’t need to kill innocent animals to have good food everyday. I do no need to take milk from a cow to get calicum since its proven it definitely doesnt give you calcium. I do no need to have beef, chicken or pork to get protein into my body. I definitely do no need to have eggs so that male chicks can die. Of course, lets not forget the sea life. I absolutely do no need to consume fish to get omega 3.

Its not time to ask yourself .. Why Are You Not Vegan? The answer should not be ” because they are delicious ”


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  1. Transatlantic Notes says:

    Thanks for sharing the reasons behind your personal choice; it’s definitely easier to be vegan today than it was 30 years ago which is probably very encouraging to people looking to make that switch. Molly | transatlanticnotes.con

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