Wine, some may think they are all vegan but its far from the truth. The difference is the fining process. The fining process for non-vegan wine contains animal protein and other compnents. Vegan wine is either natural wine or it has been fined with natural substances. I have teamed up Savage vine to show you some of their choices of Vegan wines.

Disclaimer : I am not wine expert, the review is based on what I tasted and thought.

The fining process of vegan wine is different to non-vegan wine. Vegan wine uses alternative methods like clay based agent such as bentonite. Activated charcoal is also a vegan friendly agent. There are some wine producers who are moving towards more natural wine making methods. They allow nature to take its course, which are not fined or filtered. It is labeled on the bottle if it is.

I tried 2 different wines. I tried a white wine from Germany called Feth. It the first time I have tried wine from Germany. The flavours were zesty with hints of lime and apple. It was definitely worth trying.

Genercion 76 Tempranillo from Bajo Aragon, Spain is delightful with its aromas of strawberries and blackberries. The palate is bursting with a harmonious combination of lush friots and earthy tones. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste.



16 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between Vegan Wine and Non-Vegan Wine?

  1. Jaya Avendel says:

    I had no idea that not all wines are vegan as I naturally assumed all wines are. I did not know the fining process can contain animal proteins, so I am happy to have learned something new today!

    Feth sounds delicious and light, but I love the sounds of the fruity tones in the Genercion 76 Tempranillo. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Scott N. says:

    I’m curious… what is used in the refining process for non-vegan wine? What should I look for on the bottle to identify vegan wine?

  3. Kat says:

    ooh this is such great info to learn about! now i have the option what to give to my vegan friends. except… i have to check the wine shop nearby if they have this brand.

  4. Danni Torr says:

    My sister is vegan but I had no idea that wine is not vegan unless indicated specifically. Wondering how I can make sure to buy her wine that is vegan, next time she comes over for dinner. Does the bottle indicate if it’s a natural wine, or if it has been fined with non-animal protein and substances?

  5. Marysa says:

    I am not a wine enthusiast, but it is good to know about this. There are a lot of animal products hiding in products you wouldn’t expect.

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