Its January and its the time for Veganuary. What is that ? a month of going Vegan if you are not vegan- like myself. Wagamama has jumped on the bandwagon of being part of this month and created a menu just for it. I have to thank Surrey Vegan for spreading the word and inviting myself and a few other bloggers to a taster. It was also a change to learn to make origami’s with Coco Sato.

Starts- yasai steamed gyoza

Wagamama menu has starters, mains and desserts. There is about 3 to 4 options on each part. Its always nice to see choices especially with desserts. I managed to try a few things on the menu.

Starters- mixed mushrooms + panko aubergine hirata steamed buns.

The main course is the special for Veganuary- Watermelon steak with vegan tune . It is definitely a must try as its a unique texture and its tasty.

Main Course- Vegan Suika Tuna

The most important to me as much as mains are…. DESSERT!! Wagamamas brought in 3 new dishes. I tried 2 dishes which were definitely worth visiting to try out. They have their mango and matcha cake which made me want moreeeeee.

Dessert – mango + matcha layer cake

They also had a chocolate and orange blossom ice cream on it. Its definitely a must try.

Dessert- chocolate + orange blossom ice cream

Overall rate of their Vegan menu of Veganuary: 8/10

19 thoughts on “Wagamama Vegan Veganuary Menu

  1. Emily Fata says:

    I love Wagamama! I don’t believe we have any in Canada (at least in Toronto, where I am), but I like to go eat there — for their vegan menu! — when I’m in Europe!

  2. JoyDellaVita says:

    Those steamed buns look SO good! Do you know if they are just a “january special” or will they remain on the menu? not sure if I’ll make it to a wagamama this month :-/

  3. Subhashish Roy says:

    I am not vegan but am slowly moving towards turning one sooner or later. I love the vegan options of food available these days.

  4. yana says:

    Eating vegan doesn’t have to mean eating salad or tofu every night. but know I see how rich and flavoursome a vegan diet can be with your recipes I should try as well!

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