A city that never sleeps is always good especially when the food is good. As a vegan it actually might be a little more difficult to find basic vegan options because even the lentil soup and rice are not vegan. I had 2 weeks of exploring the city and with the help of Happy Cow I was able to find places to eat at. There are some wonderful fully vegan restaurants in the city which serve up delicious traditional turkish food. These are some of the places I tried and came across.



Veganarsist- Balat

A renouned restaurant for their vareity of vegan options. They create all kinds of dishes from traditional turkish to a modern burger. I tried a platter and their spicy soup. It was delicious. Their location is balat where they have a 3 story building with beautiful views of the area. The staff are welcoming and really helpful if you can decide.



A little hidden gem with a charity of vegan sorberts the are absolutely delicious. Its is located near to Veganarist. I tried mango sorbert and their chocolate. Their chocolate ice cream taste like nutella. I could have gone back for a third round is I had an extra stomach.

Arch Bistro

When wondering about looking through google I managed to find Arch Bistro that had some vegan options on their menu. I just had the mezze but there was a few other sizes and mains. The place is historic and beautiful.




Its an area in Istanbul were you can find a few places to eat.

Vegan Istanbul

This wonderdul places as all those homemade turkish dishes. I felt spoilt for choice as they all looked soo good. There is an option of 3 or 4 on a plate and if you want can request for more.

Vegan Food Cartel

This is a variety of dishes which I havent seen at the other restaurants I went to. They had shish kebab which was really good. There was some wraps and other dishes. I wanted to try more but that day I was already on overload of food. ( yes I eat to much haha)



Vegan Dukkan Lokanta

A place I am happy to go to 1000 times . They have a vareity of delicious dishes which I still think about. The dishes I tried were a variety from vegetable soup, kebab and desserts of all kinds. They have a good size menu which does not make things complicated for anyone. The hardest decision you would make is to decide what to start with because they are all soo good. ( more to come on this place on my blog)


Vegan Dunyasi

Around the corner from Vegan Masa, this is little cafe and supermarket. They have the most delicious vegan baklava. Their supermarket has a variety of vegan options from milk, cheese, snacks and more.

Vegan Masa

A place where I could eat everything on the menu and still want to come back for more. Vegan masa was the first place I visited in Istanbul. They have vareity of tradition turkish pide made all with lots of love . I found it affordable and great portion size. I tried different things everytime I went. ( check my instagram @iamfarahfaz ) ( More to come on this place with full detail of what I had).


This lovely lebanese resturant was a random find hidden in between the streets of Nisantasi. They have a variety of options and meal options. The menu shows vegan on it so its definitely a safe options in the city.

Cup of Joy 

There are several locations in the city but this on in Nisantasi is cozy, with loads greenery. They have a few vegan options which they are trying to improve as well increase their options. I went there a few times and tried different things.



Kem Kum

A delicious and cozy Egyptian vegan restaurant. It reminded me soo much of food I grew up with. They had all the egyptian dishes you can think of. Its definitely worth visiting. The people behind it are welcome and you can tell they love what they are doing, just by tasting their food.

Limonita En Moda

A hidden gym in Kadikoy that when looking hard enough you can see the beauty of place. Their outdoor seating in the middle of a neighbourhood. They have a mixture of modern and traditional dishes. Limonita En Moda also makes their own vegan meat and milk. Its nice to find a place that is trying to make more in house ingredients rather than out sourcing.

Veganarsist- Omsmanga

This was place I heard soo much about when I was talking to my fellow vegan friends. I managed to find it after a wonder through the area. This little place was a sense of joy and a relief. It has tradition turkish food as well as modern food with a twist. I suggest you try the turkish options as its all soo delicious.


Salve Kadikoy

A sweet cafe in the heart of Kadikoy. Its just a welcoming little cafe with some little delish desserts. The apple crumble was good with their fresh lemonde.



Throught Istanbul you will be able to also see BBQ or boiled corn which is a great snack while walking around the city.  There is also alot fresh juices which is great to have on a hot day or just any day.







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