I love food festival especially if is a vegan festival. This year Horsham had their Vegan Fest Horsham 2020 at the back of the Drill Hall. There were some new faces and some old ones. The festival brought together some wonderful brands that create, home make and sell things they love. The event was nicely organized and they we took all the safety precautious.

Horsham Climate Cafe

They are a wonderful community that provides services to fix broke items. They also teach and provide locations for people to recycle alot more than I thought.

Katies Nuttery

I love nut butter and found Katies Nuttery delicious and had a bit of crunch to it. Its great one a piece of toast or even drizzled on some porridge in the morning.

Vegan Crazy

The divine caramel spread is delicious. They also make some tasty fudge.

Pollyannas Kitchen

It was love at first bite with Pollyannas chilli oil. Its great to marinate with tofu or even as a side to dip into.

My Little Gluten Free Kitchen

When it comes to desserts my little gluten free kitchen is my go to. She makes delicious cakes, cookies and even salty choices.

Kind Candy

VEGAN candy, yea yea yea. I love the variety of choice from Kind Candy. I bought 2 bags for halloween candy for kids. They all loved it.

Raduga Teas

The variety of Raduga Teas is always my favourite. The teas also change colour. I always buy boxes when I see her at any festival.

Kinda Co

I am a vegan cheese addict, Kinda co hits me in the right spot. I am in love with the Garlic herb cheese and chilli cheese.

Plant in Fusion

This lovely family owned business is bringing vegan food to your home. They have a variety of choices.


They beautiful spells makes house feel so relaxing especially during this good weather. They have a mixture of choices from diffusers, candles , wax melts and other accessories.

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