Pizza Pizza Pizza…. and one that tasty and healthy. A pizza like that does not come around very often. I came across a Vegan CBD Pizza at Lost Boys Pizza. It was unusual to find such a choice on the menu. The restaurant created a special addition menu called High Priestess Menu. It has all vegan options with a dash of CBD.

Pizza is one of my favourite food to eat but being dairy-free there are not alot of place with such a pizza. I have to hunt for hidden gems like Lost Boys Pizza in London to find the flavours I truly desire.

I went to the restaurant with a friend and picked a few things on menu. We tried their cocktails, a few starts and mains. After all that I had no space for dessert :(.

The starts were a mixture of choices from salads, to potato skins. I tried the Bufflalo Cauiflower “wings” and chips & mezal guacamole. It was a mixture of flavors but I did the mezal guacamole.

The pizza was a delicious especially the charcoal base with a touch of CBD. I tried the classic “The moon” which is a classic cheese and tomato and the “The Lovers” which is a more meaty dish. Its of course all fake meat. The pizza were not over powering and did not make me feel bloated. It was tasteful and definitely worth trying in London.

The overall taste and experience: 8/10

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