I recently went to South Korea and came back with new prescriptive on life. It was 3 weeks in beautiful South Korea. I managed to visit 2 cities which are both so different from each other; Seoul and Busan. I know most people have a plan when going for such a trip but I went with just some work itinerary and open diary to do what ever. I am glad I did as my experience in South Korea went beyond my expectations.

On this trip to South Korea, I got to meet some wonderful people. They made traveling through Seoul and Busan exciting and interesting. I stayed at a few hostels as part of my work, so I can say solo traveling changes alot. Lazy Fox Den is a hostel that felt like home. Its a hostel where I met some amazing people from all part of the world. I can remember alot of Chimaek (Chicken and Beer) nights.

Seoul is a city that made me feel like I was not far away from home. It’s full of life, good food, alot of history and nice people. Its a busy city but a great one to be in. I got to check alot of my bucketlist being in Seoul ( more to come on that).

Busan felt like a different world from Seoul but really nice. It’s the city that I am more drawn to. Its less congested, alot of fresh air, nice beaches and locals are even friendlier.

Over the next few post I will be giving you details of the where I went, what I did and what I can advise especially before going to South Korea and being there. Everything I write is based on my experience.

17 thoughts on “Travel: South Korea- A Sneak Peek Of Whats To Come.

  1. Sundeep says:

    The best way to relive a travel experience is by way of looking at the pictures and reading the blog. You actually took us to this place with you.

  2. catherine santiago jose says:

    One of the beautiful place that I would love to visit is South, Korea and I am so excited to hear your story, guidelines and tips with regards to this trip. Enjoy!

  3. Nicz E says:

    It’s really great that you enjoyed so much with your visit in South Korea,how I wish to explore SK soon. Such a beautiful country and lovely people.

  4. Norma says:

    Seoul looks like a beautiful place to visit. But I can see why Busan felt like a different world. Great that its less congested, wit a lot of fresh air, nice beaches and locals are even friendlier.

  5. Kuntala says:

    I love travel blogs. Liked reading your article. I specially liked your lively and jovial face which proves you had an amazing trip

  6. Njkinny says:

    I have been thinking about visiting South Korea for sometime now but it hasnt panned out as yet. Loved your pictures and after reading your post, I want to visit like now!

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