Every year my family and I decide on a new place to visit for new years, this time my mum and I were traveling our way to Porto. We decided to go together to Portugal and visit two cities- Lisbon and Porto. We spent Christmas and boxing day in Lisbon and then Porto for New Years. We decided to take the train from Lisbon to Porto. The trip up north was not to long and affordable.

The train from Lisbon to Porto was about 3 hrs and depending when you book it, you can get first class with return for a cheap price. We paid about €67 each for First Class from Lisboa Santa Apolonia to Porto Campanha. It is definitely worth the journey, because it really gave me the chance to see different parts of Portugal that I might want to see later on. 

We were staying at Quality Inn Porto which was central and located in Batalha Square. It was a good size room and over looking Porto that it was worth waking up everything morning to. The breakfast is standard so nothing special to write home about. The hotel is in a prime location with comfortable beds and edible food to handle myself to my next snack. 

We arrived at about 3:30pm into Porto and managed to drop our bags at the hotel. We actually forgot to book for a New Years eve dinner so we were hunting online while wondering through the streets. It was certainly a good wonder till we found the spot to see the sunset. It was definitely a great start to the adventures in Porto. 

The sunset of Dom Luis Bridge from Cafe Capelio and a good drink ( which are cheap in Porto- depending where you go) was just what we needed after 2hr 40min on a train. Of course by this time we managed to find a place to eat for New Years Eve- Holiday Inn Porto. We needed to find the hotel to pay the deposit so we have a place. 


A little info: Some have asked about my camera I take on my trips…. its the Canon G7x Mark 2 . or GoPro Hero4 Black … Check it out on my video from youtube ! 

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22 thoughts on “Travel From Lisbon To Porto

  1. lloyd says:

    Such a bargain for €67 each for a First Class ticket! The video title is right, it truely looks better than the postcards! Looks like you gals had a great time 🙂 nice write up, enjoyed reading 😀

  2. lexie says:

    What an adventure you got there, I’ve been to Lisbon before and we did planned to go to porto before arriving in the place via car we calculated for about more than 4 hours but once we arrive in Lisbon there so much places to visit and also Cascais, Peniche, Nazare and Alobaça it wa so fantastic wish we could have more days to visit Porto, surely I’ll come back. 🙂 thanks for your post I’ve learn something.

  3. WhodoIdo says:

    What a great idea to travel to a new place over New Years! I’ll convince my husband to do that (haha!). I’ve always wanted to visit Portugal and didn’t realise it was only a 3 hour train ride to Porto from Lisbon. Loved watching your vlog!

  4. suvarna says:

    i think its lovely that you travel with your mom. many people take for granted that their folks will be around forever! sharing moments like these create long-lasting memories!

  5. Yesh says:

    Your mom is a beaut, and cherished memories like the ones you are creating are precious! I’ve done family trips before but never one with just my mom and I…maybe I should start planning!

  6. Ambuj Saxena says:

    Really nice pics you have shared! I dont know much about photography but love the pics that soothe the eyes! Train looks pretty comfortable however, i feel that if more and more people take a train or a mass commuting system, environment would benefit a lot!

  7. amit says:

    Portugal is actually my next destination (Well the Azores Islands are) bu I will be stopping over in Portugal first. It’s good to know that the train from Lisbon to Porto is quiet cheap. Thanks for the info 😀

  8. LaiAriel R. Samangka says:

    Lisbon and Porto is such an amazing place to visit. I love how you were able to transmit your travel experiences through your words. I would love to traipse my two little itchy feet here. Thank you so much .

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