It was time to bring out the tourist in me, yessssss it means tour bus time. I found the fab Yellow Bus Tour which was amazingly cheap for using 2 bus lines, transport buses and valid for 48 hrs. To see the city through a bus, is really the quickest and cheapest way. I am not a person to go through every history museum, so the BUS is the best option.

There are two lines on the Yellow Bus, one is to see the modern Lisbon and the other to see the historic locations of Lisbon. Its great because there is such a difference from one end to the other. Each tour is about 35mins to 50mins, which is easier than seeing ever history museum. I am not lazy ( well maybe I am) but it sometimes I find it best to know all parts of the city, just so I don’t miss you out on something different. Also you get to know alot of the history on the tour, so its all good in the end.

As we pasted through different places on the bus, I had to go to the Wonderland Lisboa. Its always usually a good place to find some street food ( Yes again, my life is all about food). We saw some cool concepts, great food and affordable but the best part of all it was SUNNY. I had a fab salami bun from Le Moustache- Eat Like a Sire and then some little dounts from Pepa Rosquinhas. 

Where there is farah, there is me wondering around for shopping- its part of being a fashion blogger or a shopaholic . I found Le Corte Ingles which is a Spanish mall but I love the amount of europe designers in the store. I found my fave Marella and a few other designers. 

After a few hours in the mall, and wondering like a bunch of tourist… Its time for a break and check out the sunset. I love seeing Lisbon at Sunset, its sooo beautiful. This is just from the back of El Corte Ingles 🙂 

While the sun was setting, it was time for tea and some Pasteis De Nata which is something I tend to have while in Portugal alot. I have a sweet tooth and this is one of my fave to have. I try the pasteis in every place I go to, its this addiction to see how everyone makes it. 

After a long day walking around, I was hungry AGAIN but I wanted fish. I found a little restaurant around the corner from the hotel called Peri Peri- not a chicken place. It serviced some good food and the waiter or I think owner was so helpful on what to eat and drink. I find the food in Portugal really healthy with grilled fish and veggies, and it was not just for that night but of my food was with veggies and all grilled. 


Check out my full day :

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