The world for women has changed since 1908 and today is has been marked as a celebration for all women. The right to vote gave us the stepping stone to changing our lives for the better. I think back and remember the stories my grandmother and mother used to tell about their life as a woman, how I feel blessed. Today we celebrate but we also fight for more rights such as equality in work and in politics. The women that surround me since the day I was born have always been strong from family to friends. I am constantly inspired by them to reach for success.

We women have changed drastically from house wives to entrepreneurs as well as from  , the world keeps getting better. There is always some drawbacks in certain situations at work or in a community where we women have to fight harder for. It definitely has not stopped us because we believe in our ability.

I am 30, a workaholic, single and happy… I know it sounds crazy to most but I am happy. About 15 years ago saying such things was unheard of and not appreciated at all. It doesn’t mean because your single at 30 that life is over it just means you found peace in being with yourself. I love working and always aim to succeed with my passion. I don’t do this all alone because along this journey as a blogger I have met some amazing women. These women are like minded and we have supported each other since day one.

Photo by June Miyoshi

To all the amazing women out there, thank you for being strong, thank you for being passionate, thank you for being caring, thank you for being kind, thank you for standing up for all us, and thank you for everything you do because all of it makes a difference.

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