Edinburgh is a city I always go back to , I consider it my 2nd home. My family and friends are there, it is where I went to university and kind of where FAZ came to be. I headed back to Edinburgh for a little trip and decided to film a bit of the city I love so much.


DAY 1 .. and it RAINS RAINS RAINS but getting to spend time with my sis and lily is all worth it. Through the day I went to events from All Bar One to No.8 Lister Square..Busy day when home!!!


DAY 2, it was off for a run with lily and meetings but in the end it was time for Steak on Stones with some fab Edinburgh Bloggers.

I love hanging out with Edinburgh Bloggers, its a community of amazing people and great minds. The best place to meet when I am back in Edinburgh is Steak on Stones and I got to try Kangaroo meat… Verrrrrry good.


DAY 3, it was time for some more food. It was Saturday, which is always a market day in the UK.

market 1

Lily and I went to Edinburgh’s Farmers Market, where there were alot of yummy goodies from vegan food from Earthy to Burgers from The Buffalo Farm. We need ran off to another market which is part of the Stockbridge Market but in the Grassmarket. Definitely worth a visit.


Through the day, Lily has demands … No.8 Lister Square for her chill out time ! A place with good easy to eat food, great staff and they allow Princess Lily the pug in.


Day 4 , A sunday and a sunny day. I had another wonder through Edinburgh from the West End to the Meadows. Edinburgh is perfect during the summer from time to time… it gets hot at times where a pair of shorts are needed.


Later on in the day , after lunch at No.8 again ( told you I love the place)… A few friends and I headed to the Hidden Door festival to check it out.

DAY 5 .. Hanging with some of my girls from Dubai. The journey begins after a horrible hot dog from Burger.


We took the journey around to the Grassmarket… and it was time for crepes and random chat. There is a point where I start dancing…. Waiiiit for it….


So far what you can do in Edinburgh :

  • Everything in Edinburgh is usually a walking distance or even a bus or tram ride away. When you get the chance just wonder through the city.
  • Restaurants to visit : Steak on Stones – which by the way has another 2 places connected to it  ( STEAK Edinburgh and Beer and Skittles ) . If your in the Meadows area, try NO.8 Lister Square and dogs are allowed- by far the only place I do believe can create any kind of cocktail.
  • Check out the Saturday and Sunday markets- Edinburgh Farmers Market and Stockbridge Market ( has a variety of locations).
  • Check out online for festival, concert or outdoor event… There are loads usually in the summer.
  • Good crepes: Petite Paris



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