In collaboration with The Paleo Foods Co, I bring you an almond milk that seems to work with all my ingredients. I am the type to test out products like almond milk with my usual from porridge, pancakes, smoothies and what ever comes to mind on the day. Almond milk has alot of health benefits which would help for the long haul …

The texture of the this unsweetened almond milk is a little thicker than you would get in the big supermarkets. This is a good texture for certain recipes with pancakes, smoothies and even in healthy baking treats. I love having almond milk with my smoothies especially after a gym session. I mix my Revolution Foods Vegan Protein with banana and the Paleo Foods unsweetened almond milk. I find it helpful for my muscle recovering after an insane workout session.  Almond milk helps the muscles greatly due to riboflavin and protein which results in increased Vitamin D and Iron.

I have a Saturday ritual and its pancake day so it was a must to see what it does to my pancakes. The good thing about the pancakes you have anything in the mixture so its always exciting to me to play around with flavours. I use oats, gluten free flavor, banana and eggs as my base then toss in other yummy ingredients. I mixed all the ingredients with the almond milk to find the pancake mix was slightly thicker, which was good to hold the size I wanted. The pancake below is mixed with my protein power from Revolution Foods which was cinnamon and vanilla flavour but you can also mix in raspberries, blueberries, coconut or anything you want.

Almond milk in great to have every day as they have so many great qualities it …

  1. Reduces cholesterol
  2. Maintains a healthy heart
  3. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis
  4. Nutritious
  5. Low in calories
  6. Reduces blood pressure
  7. Improves the kidney health
  8. Helps clear up the Skin
  9. Improves vision
  10. Strengths bones
  11. Boosts immunity system

One source of drink that has so many benefits , its worth trying and seeing the outcome for your body and mind. I started having almond milk over 2 years ago and I see the difference.



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