The last day in Portugal and I needed some beach time, so Setubal was the best location. When looking into Setubal, you will be able find some of Europes most beautiful beaches. I didn’t get to explore Setubal when I went the first time, so I decided to take the journey from Lisbon to Setubal. It was definitely a lovely journey 🙂

This journey I took was the longer way to get to Setubal but I really wanted to see more of Portugal. I took a ferry( Balsa ) from Terreiro Do Paco to Barreiro which takes 25 minutes and you get one every 20 minutes. The journey was lovely because you get to see Lisboa from Sea view, a beautiful view and a smooth journey. The cost of the ticket with a return is 5.50 Euros- but you might want to take a single because I have some good news coming back.

When arriving in Barreiro you can get the train to from there to Setubal, and if you used the metro to get to Terrerio Do Paco you won’t need to pay for a another ticket for it. Just swipe the card before getting on the train. The train ride is about 32 minutes to Setubal Municipality, and it was a nice journey seeing different towns.

When getting to Setubal Muncipality, come out of the station and walk to the port called Porto De Setubal where you can take the catamaran (click here for timetable). It depends which beach you want to go but I was going to Troia. It is the other side of the sea if you don’t have a car to get all the way round. I paid around 6 Euro with return which was okay for me as I didn’t have a car to get there.

The beach was about a 5 to 7 minute walk once you get into Troia and free. I would advise to bring a towel, umbrella ( depending what time of the year you come ) and water or any kind of liquid. The sea water is cold but definitely worth the dive in and the views around are priceless.

The catamaran time table would tell you the timing the next one arrives, lucky for me when I wanted to leave one was just coming through. It took me about 20 minutes to get back to Setubal Municipality, where I then caught up with a friend for some drinks and chill out.

I met up with my friend Ricardo who is from Setubal. Its nice to be able to be shown around by a local, because they know the inner roads and hidden gems. We chilled out in a cafe in the center on a beautiful sunny day. As I was explaining to him how I got to Setubal, he was kind enough to let me know there is a train I can take back straight to Lisboa. I will be honest I didn’t see that in the beginning when I decided to go to Setubal- typical me!!! I can’t complain because I did enjoy the journey getting to Setubal and Troia. There is a train from Setubal to Sete Rios Railway Station and it takes about 45 mins and only 4 Euro. Definitely an easier way to get back to Lisbon!



28 thoughts on “The Journey To Setubal and Troia in Portugal

  1. Asian Traveller says:

    NIce Post. Lisbon and Portugal is something I want to see someday.
    Let’s see if I can make it
    My feedback on your blog : Do add some more pictures of the beaches, train stations, boats etc, so that it gives a better idea of the same to plan.
    – Karthik Murali

  2. amit says:

    This post will be comming in very useful for me, I’m planning a trip to the Azores Islands as my next destination, I wanna spend some time in Portugal before I head over. This beach looks like a great place to chill before I head to the Islands 😀

  3. Bernadette Jackson says:

    I like the option to have a ferry trip, and it would certainly be a fun addition to your day. Great to have a local friend who can show you the sights too. We lucked out on that last time we went to Lisbon, although we ended up in Cascais that day.

  4. Sara says:

    I love seeing articles on my home country of Portugal <3. I miss living there but I love how easy it is to get around. Glad you enjoyed it (not that I had any influence haha!). Thanks for sharing x

  5. lexie says:

    I’ve been to Portugal lately and frankly its one of the best destinations in Europe, the weather, the people, cheap food, everything is affordable. thanks for your great post!

  6. Jordan Johnson says:

    This is great! I’m actually going to Portugal next year and this had made me even more excited! So many more things to add to my itinerary because of your post! Portugal looks so beautiful and so much fun

  7. Helene says:

    I’ve only ever been to Lisbon in Portugal but this looks lovely! It’s really close to me as well since I live in Madrid. I should hop over for a break:) The catamaran ride looks like a lot of fun! I love boats. I’m glad to see that you had fun!

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