I headed over to Lisbon for a long weekend with my lovely Nadia… Why Lisbon? Well its a city I have always wanted to visit. It was easy to book for this trip, especially when you book a few months in advance. I looked through Airbnb for a few weeks and bugged Nadia a million times so we can decide on the best place to be. We booked our flight to Lisbon through EasyJet…. Which felt amazing once I booked it!!! ( HOLIDAAAAAAAY). When the day finally came which was 9th September, it was an early morning and to the airport we went. Early morning meant breakfast was calling my name…..Comptoir Libanais full breakfast 🙂 How can I say NO!!!!


The 2 hour journey to Lisbon, Portugal was lovely because I had 2 fantastic ladies next to me. We got chatting away and it was fun, in a way 2 hours turned into an hour for me instead. The journey on plane just got me excited…


As flying down and looking over Lisbon… I got butterflies in my wee belly. As we got our luggage we headed to the underground. The underground is great in Lisbon because you pay €10 and get to travel all around the city on different transportation.


We stayed in Old town Alfama, which was just by the port and had a dream look of my home country. Their old buildings, tight alleyways and cute cafes just brought it all to life. The apartment we stayed at was central, with a look into the people walk though the town. I could hear the music through the day and neighbours talking to each other, usually all gossip.


As we got into our flat when the restaurants were closing for their break, we didnt get to have our proper lunch… but it was still good have Portugal’s famous pastries… Pastel De Nata 🙂



After a sort of filled belly with sweet delights… Nadia and I decided to walk through town to find a food spot after a little rest. We were blessed it was sunny and hot with a little bit of wind… The perfect kind of weather!




Finally, after a wondering through one part of the city we finally found a spot in the central shopping through Rua Da Prata. In the area you will find loads of restaurants and cafes, we went to Vitoria Cafe to try out the tourist menu.




After a full belly it was time for some more walking… I don’t think I should said I needed to digest my food because Nadia made me walk all over.


Alfama at Night


Check out the journey ……. The fun begins!

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