Horsham is full of surprises and even more this week with their first vegan market. On Saturday 24th, was the start of Piries Place Vegan Market with a variety of 18 stalls. The stalls have cold foods, desserts, cheeses, beauty and even something for our four legged beauties.



Greek Vegan Deli , Vegan V Edibles , Vegan V Cakery

A variety of Greek pastries which are delicious. The man behind it makes you feel welcomes you with joy to his delightful world of tasty vegan food.


FNK Pies

Pies of all pies with a variety of choices that make the taste buddies comes to life.



The Vegan Bakes

A snack that has become my dessert of happiness. The choices were unlimited and so worth trying. They had brownies, a variety of even brownie cakes, cookie dough, cake jars and alot more.



Joyful Kitchen Kent

The variety of sweet snacks were pleasing to the eye as well as the stomach.



Deliciously Honest

My chocolate craving stepped up 2 more levels. The delicious choices, and combination of flavours is what made my sweet tooth soooo happy.

Katies Nuttery

Nut butters are a must especially when they are made with love. Katie’s Nuttery butter is definitely worth trying especially their hazelnut.


Sophie’s Delight

The vegan cheese the satisfies the soul ever since it came into my life is Sophie’s Delight. I have tried all of theme and it found it hard not to want to buy them all.

Raduga Tea

One of my favorite teas to buy as the choices and blends are great. It colourful and sets the mood.

Zoee Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is a plant and its parts such as leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits are used as medicine. It has vitamin A, B1, B2 B6, C and other active indigents. Zoee Sea has a variety of choices to have it from jams to oils.

Rochelles Forever Living

They provide skin care, personal care, health and nutrition and some drinks as well as gels.


House Hold Items


La Cena 

These are great for making grated ginger, garlic , tomatoes and more.

Sage And Ivory

All the things your need to be eco friendly in one shop.

Twang Love Nature

They have some lovely home made soaps, bar shampoos and conditioners.



Belle Beauty

Belle Beauty sells Tropic beauty products which are all vegan and cruelty free.

The Green Boutique 

The Green Boutique sells a variety of home made face, body and hand creams which smell divine.


Dog Lovers

Happy Dog Happy Planet

Our 4 legged friends are not left out. Their is a variety of vegan snacks that are good for the health.


Mark it in your diary EVERY LAST SATURDAY of the month for #Piriesplaceveganmarket.

Follow VEGAN FEST HORSHAM for details on whose going to be at the next market.


1 thoughts on “The First Vegan Market at Piries Place in Horsham

  1. readandreviewit says:

    Love this! It’s so important to have more vegan markets, and this looks like a great one. I love the look of the cookie dough and chocolate, haha! Thanks for sharing.

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