Sintra, a fairy tale I used to watch as a girl but in reality its even more picturesque that I could ever imagine. Sintra near the Lisbon is surround by awe inspiring mountains, soaked forest, dazzling palaces and castle ruins.  The history of Sintra dates back to 8th century where the moorish ruled until 1147. It is definitely a must visit place if your in Lisbon.

Sintra is a town filled with exquiste palaces, extravagant residences where movies were made and decorative gardens. The town itself has 10 national monuments which include ancient ruins and more. I had a view from ever side of the town through my walk from Castelo Dos Mouros ( Moorish Castle). It was not difficult to get to Sintra from Lisbon, with just a train from Rossio in Lisbon to Sintra which was just 10 Euro with return and it could be used all day on other transportation.

I had to see Castelo Dos Mouros, which I advice to take a Tuk Tuk up there. The tuk tuk is just about 5 Euro and I was lucky enough to get a really lovely gent called Joao. He told us the history of the castles, what happens in the town and more through the trip up a very high hill. The history of the castle dates back to the Moorish Era- 8-12 Century. For those that don’t know what Moorish is , they are muslim people from North Africa who settled in Portugal.

I didn’t visit ever place in Sintra, but is definitely worth visiting if you want to go through history of the Portuguese. The fresh air on during winter or even summer is an added bonus. The weather during winter when I went was not bad at all with temperaturing reaching between 14 to 17 degrees Celsius.



10 thoughts on “The Beauty of Sintra in Portugal

  1. Hanna says:

    Wow that castle looks so dreamy! Especially the vivid colors from the first photo. How long did the Tuk Tuk take to get up there? What would be the alternative, I imagine just going by foot?

  2. Brianna says:

    Woah! I’ve never heard of Sintra before, but it totally sounds like an awesome place to explore! I’d want to make a stop at Castelo Dos Mouros too.

  3. jin says:

    I’ve been to Portugal, but sadly only visited Lisbon. If I had more time, I would of love to explore more of the country, especially Sintra! It really does look like a charming place!

  4. Ingrid says:

    I am struggling to get to Portugal ever I can remember and I still haven’t, but when I will (I really feel that next year is the year!) I will surely visit Sintra as well, since it has been on my radar for some time now 🙂 It sure looks like a lovely place!

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