As the sun was shining it called for a beach day so Cascais we went, which is about a 45 minute journey from where we were. I was up early it gave me a great excuse to go for a run first as I was training for a 10K for charity, so I took advantage of running through Alfama. 


After a 3K run, I walked through the town to get back to my flat and on the way picked up some breakfast from a local cafe. The time came to get ready to go to the beach so bikini’s on, bags ready and camera’s sorted… Off we went!!! We took the underground to the train to Cascais. The views along the way is beautiful and some many little places which might be on my next tour. 


The beach was perfect… It was made for me hahahahaa. Sorry I love the beach even though I live in England. I grew up in Dubai by the beach side so I will always feel part of a beach when its hot. In Cascais, the beaches go on forever and the water was just beautiful and cold but didn’t stop me from swimming in it. 


I have a habit of going in and out the water because the sea water helps my skin 🙂 Also with it being about 27 degrees , I had to dive into the cold water. 


A day in the beach calls for seaside food … seafoooooooo! We tried it all Octopus, swordfish and God only knows what else from O Poeta in Cascais. In other words we were refuels for some more time in the sun 🙂  


We burnt and we tanned but it was all worth it because once we reach the UK, it was back to covering up for the cold season. I loved being at the beach on Cascais and whats amazing how people don’t care how they look, all the want to do is be on the beach, tan and swim. The perfect way to live life!!!


A source told us to check out the Pavilhao Chines ( Chinese Pavilion) for a chill out but it was more than that. This was more of a world of fascination with decoration all over the place. It has thousands of unique pieces from 18th to the 20th century in 5 rooms.


We managed to find a view point in Lisbon to capture the end to a beautiful day ! This is Miradouro De Sao Pedro De Alcantara 🙂 

Check out the journey ……


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