Day 2 in Vienna started with some sun … and what a glorious morning it was. I woke up half fresh as I ended up sleeping really early on the Friday and wake up early on Saturday. At about 9am my tummy wanted food so I headed down the street from some food. I had to take a proper sunny picture by the kanal… 🙂 

vienna dy 2

My first stop of the day was breakfast at a place called Castelletto which was about a 5 min walk from hotel. It was good to have a healthy breakfast to start my day … and a cup of tea! ( I can’t function without a cup of tea).

vienna dy 3

It was about the right time after eating my healthy meal to walk to the Opera house to catch my tour bus. I always go on a tour bus when visiting different countries before I wonder like an idiot around. As mentioned in previous post, its really good to get a #viennapass which gets you on the bus and several different place for the price of nearly nothing. The viennapass allowed me to go on to any bus on any route ; as they have several different routes to see different parts of this beautiful city.

vienna dy 4

After about an hour on the bus, it brought be back to the Opera House .. The next time we the imperial apartments. Its different to see it in real life when I have read it in books and seen it films.

As walking through this estate I felt like part of a movie and just imagined how it would have been back then. It was massive, beautifully detailed and blew me away ! After a wonder through all of this .. I needed more food…. ( the life of Farah).  I loved the choices at Lilette’s and mainly all healthy choices. As I knew most the day I would be eating some fried food and desserts. Its a great little place to check out when you need a break. 

vienna dy 6


I then took a walk through the beautiful streets to Beethoven’s House where he created some of his master pieces. 

I then headed to the Vienna Film Festival 2016, which is not the usual film festivals I go to… There was lots of good food, a massive area to watch the new films and great music… I was loving allllllllll the food. 


I would have to say Day 2 was pleasant, as it was sunny and breezy. It was the perfect time for a walk through the city and to try new things with the festival on. 

This is most of the footage from Day 2… Filmed… 

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