Where ever I go I try my best to collaborate with talented and creative individuals. I had that chance to meet a lovely young lady behind the brand Biscuit Couture. She loves what shes does and always willing to learn more…. Passion, dedication and a talent. I had my eye on her corsets and had to some how get my hands on one of them. The only way was through a photoshoot, but I decided to purchase a tartan corset in the end from her and model it for the shoot. I got to meet some lovely photographers, models and make-up artist.



The photoshoot was based in Horsham! We wanted to learn more about each other as a team. It was the first time I worked with anyone over this side of the UK. It was a fun start and just getting to know what we want from working together. The make-up and hair stylist was the fab Saliah Malik . She was lovely to work with and tried to blend everything to match the outfits I picked for everyone.


Photo by Ridds Photography

When it came to styling the shoot, I tried to mix and match everything but still making it an everyday look. Alot of Biscuit Couture pieces are easy to wear and be wore for day a night. Her bow ties and pocket squares were easy to pair up for any man’s suit or even casual wear. When it came to the corsets, it was bright and popped which was easy to put together with black. Biscuit couture corsets are easy to pair up with anything actually, skirts, suits, shorts, jeans with heels, boots or even a converse.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano


Biscuit Couture does alot more than just corsets but also braletes, french knickers and more. I took her black bralete and made it to a going out look with a faux leather , white shirt and pop it up with a coloured jacket. The accessories were kept fun with a pearl blended necklace and rings. If your not into wearing skirts, you can also pair it up with some jeans or trousers.

Photo by Ridds Photography

When it came to styling myself, I went a wee bit basic and made it into office wear. The corset I had one was made for me by Biscuit Couture. I love it as reminds me of Scotland everytime I see it and wear it. I styled Benz with the bow tie the matches my corset and mixed up with a different pocket square. My earrings was my favourite brand in Dubai, Coquette Boutique. The look is easy to change up. Add a necklack, sparkly earrings and a pair of heels for a night time look.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

The styling for this change was basic as the focus was on Benz and my bow ties. It was the first time I have ever put on a bow tie. It was fun to style up!

Photo By Ridds Photography

I love color so I wanted to make this corset pop out… As people in the UK love their shorts I decided to style it together and a jacket. It all depends on the season your in of course if you want to put tights and a jacket but its an option.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

I sometimes I ask myself if I am crazy when I get dressed… and they I just say YES. As you know in my previous pictures that I had the bow tie on. This is the full look in the end! I paired it with my Zamira Style skirt, tights and my Silver Clarks. Playing with style is a must, sometimes it can be good and sometimes bad. This was in the middle but its something I would try again.

Photo by Ridds Photography 

This chicka is a stunner, she maybe petite but has a rockin body to wear anything. I love Biscuit Couture’s Sweets Corset !!!! This deserved a bit a sweet rock chic feel, with some funky boots, but yet pair it up with a black blazer and a beautiful smile.


Designer: Biscuit Couture

Make-up and hair for the photoshoot was by Saliah Malik .

Photos by Ridds Photography and Adriana Pucciano

Styling by : Me

Models: Benz, Seeb, Myself

Location: Horsham


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