Jewellery made simple for all occasions is the best when its affordable. I collaborated with WeDoBijoux to style up 2 of my favorite pieces from their collection. WeDoBijoux provides fun and simple jewelry at reasonable prices at all ages with an easy and quick click online to order.

I love my jewellery and accessories, when I really love them I wear them all the time. WeDoBijoux is wonderful as they have all styles of earrings, necklaces , rings and more to pick from.

I have a mixture of styles but sometimes my best look is just being casual Farah, which really could mean a thousand things. I like being lady back in my jeans and leather or dressed up in a top, skirt and heals. My style basically depends on the mood for the day.


I love earrings, so this little blue dangling beauty just spoke to me. I could wear it with all my outfits especially if I am in an all black look. Its light on the ears, so you won’t have to worry about your ears too much. They are great from day time to night time look.

Stars, stars, I am seeing Stars. Its a little obsession I have. I love jewelry with stars so this was my love. It simple, classy and just right for me. I wear this with everything, and its something that makes me smile every time. Its really light as well, the chain doesnt get stuck on the hair like others usually do, its easy to put on by yourself and simply the right size.

When you have a busy top, its best to style your accessories with simple pieces. I really like looking through WeDoBijoux because I could style everything with what I have in my wardrobe at a great price. Keep it simple, makes it classy.



Photographer: Danilo Torrisi

Location: Mungos Bar 



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