Its spring and the sun is slowly and surely creeping out… yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I have missed it since moving to the UK in November from sunny Dubai ( my home city). The colourful dresses are slowly getting wore and a pop of light is making the days better. It was time to get out my Zamira Style dress I bought when in Dubai.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

I am not a lady who likes floral on any outfits as its too much for my eye even on a sunny day. I found a lovely midi dress at Zamira Style which had tropical flowers, fit just right on my body and has colours that popped out on my complexion. Of course I was in Dubai when I bought it, so spring/Summer season is all year long… a great excuse to buy it. 

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

As I was and still am working on getting the body I want… this just was perfect for me. It hugged me in all the right places, was good for my height ( I have a bit of a longer torso), and gave me coverage where it was needed. As some strapless dresses can be too low and really short for me , this dress did me good. I popped on a paid of Sam Edelman heels and accessorized it with a necklace. 

Photo by Ridds Photography 

I get asked advise on styling… I always tell ladies and even gents: ‘ Dress for your body and not the trend.’. The whole point is to be able to feel comfortable and confident in your own body skin. Then try on different things and see what you feel better in…. TRY IT.. dont say no to everything. 


Location of the photoshoot : The Dead Parrot 

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