Surround yourself with creatives and that’s what I have done. I have friends with so much talent like Faye.. A designer with love for what she does. We decided to do a little project and test new grounds and ideas. She has some funky gloves which are in different shapes and colours. I found them funky especially when you want to take your outfit up another level.

faye and i

We decided to collaborate and do some quick and easy looks… Where else to go then Hyde Park from some natural light and beautiful scenery.


These are just the prefect pair of gloves to add some funk to any look. Its easy to wear ! A pair of jean, tank top, and a leather jacket… And you got the biker or rock chic look. To make it even more sexy, pop on a dress – a bodycon which is figure hugging with some bling, wavy hair and these gloves… We have got sexy on another stage.


These gloves can be worn with anything at any time of day… I find it just being unique and yourself.


This is one of the many beautiful blinged up gloves from Faye’s collection. I loved it , as bronze is not used very often in gloves. It is different and fun! it adds a sparkle to a plain look or outfit !


Check out how our day went ….. 🙂 

For more information on Faye’s collection: CLICK HERE 


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