I finally decided to do it… I have gone silver!!!! I have changed my look so much this year but by far this is the best look. It has changed how I look at myself. I shaved my head for a good cause this year but it changed me completely. My confidence is back, its alive and I feel sizzling hot with this new look. ( I am not full of myself I promise… Its just how I see myself today.) I went to my main woman Emma at Rush Salon to be part of my transformation…. What do you think?


The change is dramatic but something I never thought I would do ever… But this year I bring out a new me and with great changes. I believe more and more that life is full of possibilities with beautiful people to share it with. I told Emma I needed a big change, not that a shaved head was not enough but a new me for a new year to come. I lacked alot of confidence and didnt see myself as beautiful until I shaved my head but now I see my self differently. My mind, body and soul is not the same anymore… I learned to love me !!!


Here is a little of the before and after at Rush Hair in Horsham !!!! What do you think of the change ???? Check my instagram of my newest photos : WORLDOFFAZ . 


My new look as made me want to play with more make up looks… As most of you know, I am usually not the one who runs to make up for anything. This time…. WHY NOT???? I am loving it all. 


My new looks… The make-up I use are from Kiko Milano, Illamasqua, Barry M ( Superdrug) , Kat Von D ( Debenhams) , Huda Beauty( Harrods) , B Cosmetics( Superdrug) , Gosh (Superdrug) , and other brands. The make-up I usually try to look for is the cruelty free cosmetics. 


Let me know what you think I should try next?????

Check out : 


Rush Hair



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