This year was my time to give back more and it was all for Macmillan Cancer Support. I decided s0mething no one expect and more daring  “Brave The Shave” movement and shaved my head. I received alot of messages before I even shaved my head, calling me brave and others thought I was insane. I contacted the hair salon I trusted ( RUSH HAIR) and booked in with my lovely Emma to shave it all.


The date it all happened is 1st October 2016… and it all started about 1:30pm. I was not scared but I felt more liberated as well as happy with all good intentions of doing this. I did it for those woman and men who have to go through cancer, who had and have had to suffer through the disease, for those who didn’t survive it, for those that did survive it and for those the have to loose even their hair to it. This was more than just me shaving my head but the whole community was behind it as well as my family and friends from around the world. 


I went live on facebook and the amount of support and donations were amazing ! There are still people donating and sharing the videos and post. Emma, my beautiful hair dresser since I moved to Horsham pushed the support and let everyone know why I was doing it. I thank God I have amazing support from my family, friends and readers. 


I feel like Farah but lighter and better.. I feel even better than when I started … I feel stronger than I was yesterday. Its all feelings that can’t be bought. I thank God for always making me strong, for blessing me with support that always make me smile and for blessing me with the life I live. 


I still can’t believe last Saturday I did it… I walk down the streets and get all sorts of looks but in return I just smile. I know for most people they feel like they need to hide, or they over think “do they think I am ugly”, “do they think I should cover my head” to the point it would control their life. I learned this year not to care, I am Farah and I am being me. After I shaved my head I was just adjusting to having no hair. After a week, I look in the mirror and smile proud but most of all I FEEL BEAUTIFUL. 

After doing this I have a message to all those that think you hair is you…. Its not!!! You are beautiful with or without hair because you personality and attitude towards life is stunning and amazing. Be who you want to be !!!


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