A month and half has gone by of me training for a 10K run…. and it was all worth it in the end. I signed up for a 10K Richmond Run Fest for Great Ormond Street Hospital. It has been one heck of a push due to the charity, as its close to my heart and I wouldn’t be here without them. 


I pushed myself since the day I signed up for the race, as I learned my lesson the first time round when running a 10K. I practiced nearly every other day and timed myself to see how much I can do. I trained in London, Edinburgh, Lisbon and Horsham for about a month and half. Every run got better and better and time kept changing. I have a minor Scoliosis  which does effect me from time to time but I didnt want it to stop me. 


The support for this run and this cause has been amazing from my family, friends and readers. I don’t think I could have done this all without you. Now the best part of it all is the money I raised to help Great Ormond Street Hospital. This hospital save my life when I was born and help my parents get through my condition I still live with till this day. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who donated to the charity, supported me through it all and push me to get through it. 


I finished the 10K run 57 mins … All the hard work paid off !

If you want to donate: CLICK HERE




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