I love going to London Fashion Week when ever I go because the opportunity to meet the future of fashion.. is priceless !!! I headed to see the showroom, a room filled with talented designers in apparel and accessories from around the world.


London was pumping with talent especially from their showroom.. I do consider it the future of fashion runway! It was my excitement of the #LFW due the fact you can me raw talent face to face from all over the world.

Through some of the designers there was  alot of embellishments, texture and textiles. As I was walking from the very end I was looking at the Heavy London Showroom and Lewis a& Leigh Showroom.

Heavy London ShowroomAlexandra Moura, Carla Pontes , Daniela Barros, Field of Ponies, Obscure Rebellion and Susana Bettencourt .

Lewis & Leigh Showroom – Caine London, Lulu Liu, Florence Bridge, Hana Cha and Romy LDN

Angel Chen caught my eye with colours so bright made my heart flutter. I loved the whole A/W 16 collection because it brought bringing our boring cold British weather to life.

Electronic Sheep AW 16 Knitwear collection was detailed with beautiful knitted designs. The collection celebrates the hundredth anniversary of international modernism. I loved the colours, texture and the collaboration pieces.

NatalieBColeman collection for A/W 16 was collection I adore due the colours, texture and influence. I loved it and do imagine myself in a few of her pieces.

Bedouin is one my favourite brands from the Middle East.. It made me so happy seeing the brand at London Fashion Week. The designer behind Bedouin is a women that grows every season, she creates collections with are just made to wear anywhere at anytime. Andraya is a sweet heart, she loves what she does and it shows in every piece of the collection. The A/W 16 collection are easy to wear colours, great to make a statement and can be worn with anything. 

With Designer Andraya from Bedouin

Ready to wear for A/W 16 is in full swing for the season to come from faux fur coats, jackets, colours and more. The talents at LFW this season are a mixture.. and definitely worth looking into for investment pieces. 

 As London is all walking from place to place I decided it was best to not go crazy on the high heels and fancy dresses. My aim was head to the showroom, have a look of the talents, chat with them and get to know them a bit better. The look at simple but a wee bit of colours here and there as always. 

Top & Jumper: H&M

Skirt: Kenzo

Boots: Clarks

Coat: DVF

Bag: Givenchy 

Scarf: From Oman


My make up was pretty basic.. because you know never know what to expect when in London. 

Foundation: Illamasqua

Mascara: Benefit 

Powder: Kiko 

Lipstick: Sephora 


It was an eventful day and the people I met are just fab! Accessories to come in the next Blog…..










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