Vegan is a lifestyle and not a diet. Its a choice to protect those voiceless beautiful animals from harm. The harm of what humans inflict on them through killing to eat, hunting ,testing on and more. There is all kinds of activitsm when being a vegan and its up to an individual to choose. VEGAN OUTFITTERS is a great company to wear your message. They have such a vareity of quotes or statements which most vegans are saying it out loud.

Every purchase from Vegan Outfitters helps rescue a farm animals, they donate to a variety of UK sanctuaries. There are several sanctuaries in the UK that are rescusing farmed animals from being slaughted for the food industry and more.

All the t-shirts, jumpers, sweaters and more are ethically made. Its not made in sweatshops and no child labour involved. They use solar powered sewing and cutting floor. They also use 7 times less water than the average clothing manufactured.

The t-shirts are 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, which means they wash well and are soft. I can definitely agree, as I can feel it after several washes.

They sell a variety of items for men and women. I bought a few pieces from the mens collections as well because liked them too. There are many reasons to consider buying a few pieces. Firstly, its a great brand. Secondly, it has a message we all want to say. Thirdly, it goes with alot of outfits. Fourthly, you give back once you buy, by saying a life. These are just a few good reasons, they are more. We might be here all day if I mention it. hahahaaa.

Check out the womens and mens collection : CLICK HERE

17 thoughts on “Raising The Awareness With Vegan Outfitters

  1. April says:

    I’m not vegan, but I do believe in animal rights and not being cruel to animals. Thank you, so much for caring about the animals of the earth and your continued hard work.

  2. Ebony says:

    I love how this article raises awareness to the goods we buy are sometimes are not ethically made, and are created by underage children. I look forward to buying clothing more like this after reading your post!

  3. Ave says:

    Sounds like Vegan Outfitters is a great company. I really like that they are environmentally conscious and also help animals.

  4. Autumn Murray says:

    I have never heard of Vegan Outfitters. I love supporting ethical companies and will definitely be buying some clothing from here.

  5. Fadima Mooneira says:

    Oh wow!!!!!!! I’m starting to like this brand. I hope this brand will be available in Malaysia soon. Thank you for opening up my world.

  6. Unwanted Life says:

    I can certainly see how such a company would appeal to those people who are vegan. Using a solar powered sewing and cutting floor is also cool, I wish more companies did that

  7. readandreviewit says:

    Love this! I’m not vegan but I’m still very conscious about where I shop, and I love that this brand is so much more ethical and better for both animals and the environment as a whole. I’ll definitely be checking them out! Thanks for sharing x

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