I decided after a long time of sitting and thinking to book my time away. I have always wanted to visit Vienna, Austria and so I decided to just book it! I thank God for sites like Expedia for making life easier for me. I found a wonderful hotel Apartment and flights all together.


Day 1 started out pretty early… I tend on waking up early to organize myself or more like double check. I had to make sure I left my Horsham a bit early as Southern Rail is not usually the best ( always on strike). Once I reached the airport and got through the usually security check .. It was time for breakfast. Nandos it was…… I had the Nandos Breakfast ( for those that are wondering.. The ring sausage is chicken and not pork).

austria 1

It was time to board Easyjet…and the usually.. delay leaving London but arrive 10 minutes early in Vienna ( Are the pilots doing some Fast and Furious on air!!!!). Once I arrived, I look for the Express Train which takes 16 minutes to get into the city center and cost about €12 for single and €19 for a return… I got off at Wien Mitte , which brought me to Wien Mitte Shopping Mall ( a ladies love).

As soon as I got out of the station, it started to rain. This became a mission to get through the rain to find my hotel. I was staying at Adaigo Aparthotel, which was a walk away from the city centre and just by the Danube Kanal.


I dropped my bags at the hotel, refreshed myself and headed back out. It was raining but I was hungry. After an hour of walking around I ended up at Akakiko ( Japanese) .Of course this was all due to the fact I was not able to walk in the rain anymore.

austria 5

Day 1 filmed…


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