When you can come across healthy, nutritious, tasty and affordable meals its like winning the lottery ( my version of a win in my life). That is how I felt when I found The City Kitchen  with 10 delicious ready made meals. I have collaborated with City Kitchen to bring you some of my favourite quick meals from their variety and why they are great . All the City Kitchen food can be microwaved but I don’t have one ( I choose not to have one ) so I warmed it all up in a pan. They are available at Tesco’s for £3.70 which is a bargain for healthy food.

City Kitchen has over 10 delicious choices to choose from for your lunch or dinner. I decided to try most of them through my week to see how it helps my diet as well as flavors. The great thing with City Kitchen Skinny is the portions sizes and most giving you 2 of your 5 of a day to handle a good or bad day. As I have mentioned before it is be heated up in a microwave, which is great if you need a quick meal at the office.

My number one love from the City Kitchen options if Malaysian coconut beef curry which has a great kick with a the flavors you would expect from an Asian dish. The curry was filling and I was not snacking, the meal kept me going for a good few hours until my next dinner which is what we want when having any meal in a day.

The next few were a mixture of seafood, duck and vegetarian options which I tried but there is also pork . They were easy to warm up and put together on the plate, with smells that took over my kitchen. It was refreshing to have meals with substance, flavor , with easy prep time, gives you a few of your 5 a day , filling ( you really wouldn’t snack ), portion sized and affordable.


TRY IT OUT !!!!!!


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