My third trip to Lisbon and I decided it was time to learn to cook the Portuguese cuisine instead of just eat all the time. Its insane how much food I can get through just being in Lisbon in a day and its all because its good food. This time I joined in on cooking classes at Cooking Lisbon, in order to learn some basics of Portuguese dishes. It is definitely an activity I recommend to try as its a great way of learning different herbs and spices put into dishes as well as meeting some wonderful people.

The Pastry Classes are all about learning to make some of Portugal’s well known dessert or snack dishes. It was a nice small class and I go to meet 3 lovely people. We started with learning to make Pastel De Nata ( in the UK they call it custard tart, but I have to say its better than anything I had in the UK).  All the ingredients were prepared for us when we arrived, so it was time to get into the fun work of putting it all together.

The Pastel de Nata pastry depends on you if you want to make it fresh or get the easy ready made roll of pastry from store. We had our made in advance, so we had we shown how to fill the tins with the pastry. It was great team work through the class. While one of us was filling in one thing the others did start on another pastry called Queques, a Portuguese muffin.

The tricky part for me doing this pastry was how to seal the tins with butter and flour ( something that I did not do well in the class). It was simple to put together and fill up.

It was not bad at our first try at making Pastel de Nata, might need a bit more practice. Once in the oven, these tasty pastries did take long to bake.  When it came to Queques, well we had to wait a little longer but we learnt some things about the measurements for the tin. Tip- Don’t fill it up or it won’t take its proper shape.

The verdict of taking the cooking class… Well for someone like me who doesn’t bake, it taught me a bit more patience and techniques I need to master. As a lover of Pastel De Nata, now I just have to push myself to practice to make it at home. Even though there are people that sell in where I live, it just doesn’t taste the way it should. The classes pushed me want to learn more, make new friends and learn to like baking.

The class has some lovely people from the chef Maria Silve to the co-founder Luis and lovely Xana , I also met blogger called Kit ( Blog Around The World in 18 Days).



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  3. digital travel guru says:

    I love trying cooking classes in different places I visit, to try and learn about local dishes and I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing your pics, the food looked delicious. You did fantastic.

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