I have so much love for Portuguese cuisine, so taking a cooking class was the best option. I had tried Cooking Lisbon‘s Pastry classes and now its time to try to cook some other dishes. I joined Cooking Class on a Sunday ( Domingo) with Cooking Lisbon and met some lovely people once again. Through this class we learned to make 3 different dishes; starters, main course and dessert. I highly recommend trying their classes!


It all starts with Chef Maria explaining about olive oil used in Portugal, to cheese, olives ,beans and some tasty wine. Portuguese wine has a certain refined taste I love and to be honest is affordable.

Chef Maria  ( an amazing teacher) and  14 eager students around the the table and partnered us with someone with a task to prepare the ingredients from mincing the garlic to preparing chopping up some veggies. I was given the task of chopping onions. Of course it was all tears and laughter with my onion chopping partner ( btw I am no pro at chopping onions but I tried with Maria’s techniques- No one got hurt). We made  cod fritters with risotto rice and the taste of making the fritters was fun. We all got to see how it was put together and then got to pour the fritters into the hot oil.

We had a main course with some delightful chicken in a pot and potatoes, and really simple to make with so much lovely flavours. The sauce made was the interest part,with port, brandy and red wine. The chicken was tasty and falling off the bone , just the way it should be as being fried brown and put into the oven for 40 mins.

Dessert is not always my strong point to make but it was interesting to see it being put together. We had Sericaia, a dessert from the of South Portugal.

After creating these master pieces, we all sat down with a class of wine and tried the food we made. They say if the chef doesnt eat their own food, there is something wrong with it ( don’t know if that’s always true). The class was wonderful as I got to meet people from all parts of the world that I haven’t visited yet.

With Chef Maria

I was so delighted that through the cooking class I met Emily and Logan from Canada. Emily is a wonderful and bubbly young lady with an amazing travel blogger. We got talking about Portugal, culture from around the world and life as a blogger. As a blogger I love meeting inspiring bloggrs, vloggers and people who ooze excitement for life. Check out Airplanes and Avocados on her experience in the classes.



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17 thoughts on “Portuguese Cooking with Cooking Lisbon

  1. Danielle says:

    Cooking classes can be so much fun! I love to cook and have been doing it forever, but there is always something new to learn, and a cooking class is the perfect environment.

  2. amit says:

    That chicken looks so tasty 😀 I’ve done a few cooking classes around the world, they are so much fun 😀 I’ll have to try one out when I go to Protugal

  3. WhodoIdo says:

    This looks so much fun! I would love to do a cookery lesson as I’m a useless cook! haha It’s great that you get to make 3 different dishes and try them at the end. Food looked really tasty!

  4. Shaily says:

    Learning something new is always a great experience and if that something happens to be food, it’s an awesome experience. I’ve never tried Portuguese food, however, from the pictures and description, I can guess it must be very delicious. I would love to try these dishes someday. Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

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