Pop-up Shops are not a common thing in a small town like Horsham but there was one recently. I love a good pop up shop as it supports the local brands especially here in West Sussex. I was so pleased to be invited to the event as it was time to get to know people in the region. Pop-Up Horsham !


The pop up shop was in Swan Walk near Wilko at the corner. The shop provides local products from within West Sussex. I had the chance of seeing some organic beauty products. I know I am not a beauty blogger but for me, all the creams, face mask, make up and more still fascinate little me.

I love to see local brands create eco friendly products, which is why I am in love with Glow Organic. It is a brand which is eco friendly, animal friendly, vegan, natural, organic, pure and safe. It made me skin feel great when I applied it.

Raw Passion is another brand in West Sussex I am in love with. The organic creams are wonderful from smell to texture. I have tried a few and have to say it is amazing because you don need alot of the oil or cream to work. It just takes a wee piece and it blendes beautiful into the skin. There is a women’s range and man’s one. They are great presents for those that love naturally made products.

You can see a flow of organic products going through this post. I would like to introduce you to Bee Cosmetics. They are made of bee wax, vegetable oils, butter, botanical scents with essentials oils and fragrance. I found the products really easy to use and a great result. My skin is softer and smooth. 🙂

There were some other brands at the event but these were my 3 must haves when I was the pop up event.




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  1. RAW PASSION UK says:

    Hi there and thanks for posting this. May I add that RAW PASSION is Living Organic Vegan Ethical Skin Food. NO added water in any products and we NEVER ever use plastic containers 🙂 We had a great day in Horsham and loved the bloggers. What a fun day. Pop ups are amazing 🙂

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