Where there is food, there is Farah especially when its all about Disney. This week I had a chance of joining in on a fun cooking classes as Island Poke in collaboration with Moana ( a fun and colourful Disney Movie).  It was a great chance as trying to find new ways to eat healthy with some new flavours. 

Its the first time I got to try some Polynesian food or anything close to it, but getting to make it myself was even better. Island Poke is in a great spot just on Kingsley St, Carnaby with an eye popping colour so you don’t miss them out. Its a great concept to healthy food, especially at lunch time. 

The ingredients are simple and something you could make at home BUT at Lunch time I rather buy it from a store. This is a great break from the typical sandwich and salad for break time, with some protein and carbs with a twist of spice. I can say it is like a healthy subway where you can pick what you want in the bowl and all at a reasonable price. 

The results is just what little me needed, after running around town through meetings. It was colourful, tasty and filling. It was great to be able to learn from the Island Poke team to make the bowl with the ingredients given and more if wanted. 

As the theme was based on Moana, I certainly blended in perfectly well with it all. It is definitely a must watch Disney movie, which out now on DVD and Blu-Ray. 

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