A vegan market in Horsham has been long over due. On 24th April 202 something new started, “Piries Place Vegan Market”. The queen behind this market is Helen Crabb the founder of Vegan Fest Horsham. Helen decided to push on this project because she could see an interest in veganism and plant based options in West Sussex. The best spot in town to start it all up is the newly developed Piries Place, where there is several restaurants, bars, cafes and a hotel. It all started with 18 stalls which had an amazing response from the town and those coming to visit Horsham.

Photo By Danilo Torrisi Photography

The Market

Every last Saturday of every month, the market displays 16 to 18 stalls. The stalls vary from food, beauty , fashion and eco-friendly products. They are not they same stalls every month. Helen tries to rotate traders to give all of the an opportunity to be part of the market. The market has had over 30 stalls since it first started and each one is loved by the people visiting.

Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography

The traders that were a part of Piries Place Vegan Market:


Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography

The Future of The Market

We have high hopes the Piries Place Vegan Market to continue in Horsham foreseeable future . Helen hopes that the market brings in all vegans and non-vegans to try out the options available. She also said ” We are very keen to work with the tenants in Piries Place to help them promote their plant based option. We have been delighted that The M Bar has been part of several of our events  . We hope at some point in the future The Burger Shop will join us too, with their range of Vegan Burgers.”

Its an open door to opportunity for the vegan market to grow and collaborate with others. Piries Place is a great location for this because you get to see a different side to Horsham.

Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography


For more on the Market :




All Photos By Danilo Torrisi Photography 

5 thoughts on “Piries Place Vegan Market Keeps On Growing

  1. Jaya Avendel says:

    I wish my town was big enough to feature such interactive places to visit and shop at! I love the market does not just focus on vegan food, but also offers other eco-friendly and cruelty free products. What a great place to eat and shop for gifts whilst supporting amazing people!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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