As most of you who read my blog or know me, has seen I have been nearly everyday at Physique 57. I know it sounds insane to be there all the time but there is a reason behind it all. Its a challenge I took upon myself to do for one month. In one month of doing physique I wanted to see how my body transfers into the bikini body ready for the summer. The change so far has amazing and I feel pumped with energy. 

No one ever said it was going to be easy to keep fit, but I love pushing myself to reach my goals. This year is all about being healthy and fit for the year… and I do think I am doing well.

Erin’s morning mix classes are a killer but this beauty is always full of smiles even when she sees my funny faces from struggling with some workouts. Keeps me smiling in the end!

 The last time I posted I was just starting my challenge.. so the journey was still fresh and I was still working on day 3. 

 This is the lovely Ariel, she is this hyperactive queen with some hip hop at 9:30 am for a Friday class.. 🙂 


 This ball has shaped my thighs to the best it has ever been, it has been my friend and enemy but its all worth it. Those thigh exercises is always so painful but the results are so beautiful. 

These gems are pleasant to see on my fitness journey, I find Physique 57 such a positive energy of light every time. Lianne is always ready to go on a new challenge when ever she does a class, and don’t worry you will get it perfect after a few classes. 

Its one of those many morning classes I do before I head to work.. the excitement! This was day 18 of my bikini body challenge. 


Nora, she pushes me to the end! She definitely tries to push me on the challenges to the point I just feel great doing more. 

I love going to Physique 57, its become a really good obession to just always be there to keep fit. The 1 hour of workouts is great when your schedule is insane, it makes a whole lot of difference to my life and many other ladies I have met. The instructors are great not just because of their positive and cheerful faces but they are different from each other. I tell this to most the ladies that know me or who have seen my instgram, Physique57 has certainly made a massive difference to my body and mind in just a few weeks. It is something I recommmend to every women to try in their life because I know if you done it once, you will be coming back for more. 

For more information on Physique 57 : CLICK HERE

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