There has always been this cloud over if a personal trainer is worth it or not. It depends on the trainer- are they qualified, are they experienced or is their proof of the results training with them. There are good trainers and their bad trainers so to say every trainer is going to guarantee good results would be a little difficult. I always test out different personal trainers where ever I travel to or even move to. As I live in Horsham, I decided to try 10 sessions with Adam Fry from Fry Fitness. I had some goals I wanted to reach so I wanted to see if he could help me achieve them.

My goals:

  • Gain upper body strength – Especially left arm
  • Lose belly fat
  • Build up stamina

They look easy to achieve for most of you that reading this but to me I have had problems for years to try to achieve the goals. I usually ended going up and down with my weight which tends to irritate myself.

The first 5 sessions with Adam were tough but not in a bad way, due to my left arm not having any strength as well as having not enough stamina. I pushed through and on my time I worked on building my strength with runs, cycling, circuits and more. Some may think exercising this much, I can eat whatever I may wish- well that did not happen. I made sure to eat the right food from veggies and meat, manage my portion sizes and snack healthy. This is all easy to do if you are determined to each the goal and I certainly was and still am. Through the 5 sessions I even did body challenges such as 1 minute planks- something I couldn’t do for a long time.

The last 5 sessions were still not easy but I saw such a massive improvement in my body. I was able to last longer in my circuits, carry a bit more especially on my left arm and even lost half an inch of my waist. The results surprised myself due to the fact with the right exercises and a good push to keep on going from Adam, I was able to achieve my goals and more.

My experience with working with different personal trainers; don’t take the short cut if you want to achieve long term results. That does not mean aiming to become skinny but aiming to be fitter from upper body to lower body but also mentality.

Here is a few of personal trainers to try out if your in any of these cities or towns:


Horsham- UK 

Adam Fry – Fry Fitness

Edinburgh- Scotland -UK

Isla McIntosh – The Gym

Dubai- UAE

Chris – Le Merdien Mina Seyahi

Mostafa Mersal- Fitness Bootcamp Dubai

Keith O’Malley-Farrell – The Physical Training Company ( He is also an Injury Specialist )

Kris Greene – The Physical Training Company

Nicolas Nam St-Maurice  – The Physical Training Company 

Luke Gaffney – NRC ( Nike Running Club )

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