This is a year of accomplishments especially when being featured in Oman Magazine. Its the first time I have been featured in Oman , which I am really proud of. Oman Magazine has alot to offer and showcases the talents in Oman, the beauties of the country and more.

Photo by Josh Riddle

I loved doing the interview because its about how I am inspired by the countries I live in and the environments I am around. I am Omani but because of moving around so much, I am as people say not the “typical” Omani. Check it out !



I am known to be an odd ball when it comes to my style but I love it… Being myself and being different is the way I love to live. 



To see the full interview check out online- 1on1  … If your in Oman, you can get the magazine which gives more of what the magazine is all about. It gives you fashion, travel, food, talents and alot more things to know about the beautiful country 🙂 its also great when visiting Oman to find things to do. 

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