A meal with everything you need is hard to come across. I have collaborated with Tastily to show you some of my favorite vegan options from their menu, Tastily makes life a lot easier when you are working more than a 9 to 5 job. They have 8 vegan options and all packed with wholesome flavours and nutrition.

Food is vital for our daily life but with a busy schedule its hard to remember what we may need. Tastily cuts those worries by half with good meals delivered to the door. Over the past 4 days, I managed to try 6 of Tastily vegan options. I am not a typical household so I used my oven because I do not have microwave. The oven time is longer but its a choice I made. I would advise that do no do the 30 minutes it says, just leave it in the oven for 20 minutes. The good thing is you have both oven and microwave as an option.

These are some of my favorite from the 6 I have tried.:

1- Wholesome Mediterranean Spring Risotto.

I am not the hugest fan of risottos but I can say this was good and flavored just right. The portion was considerable good with admirable amount of vegetables.

2. Spicy Three Bean Chilli

I was really pleased with this chilli. Replacing rice with cauliflower is what made this meal enjoyable. I personally could not the corn on the side, so I just added the greens. Overall, this meal was delicious and not spicy ( well that’s my view, for others this might be slightly spicy). It gives the option to add more spice if wanted.

3. Umami Miso Hispi Cabbage

This is pack with flavour. I love noodles so this dish called out my name. I would advise to just put this in the oven for 20 minutes and not the 30 minutes written on the package.

4. Creamy This isn’t Tikka Masala

The combo of This Isn’t Chicken and Cauliflower with a creamy tikka masala sauce was delightful. I kind of wanted even more after this. I was just greedy for some good food. lol


Overall Rate of Tastily :

8/10 – The meals are enough for one person, especially if they are trying to portion size. They have a variety of vegan meals which makes it attainable for anyone vegan. Their meals have flavour and are all easy to put into the oven or microwave.

There are a few more things I like about this brand in general.First, their packaging is sustainable from the delivery box all the way to the packed meal. The actual meal packaging is made up of 85% recycled plastic. Second, for every Tastily box order funds a child’s cookery course at Chefs in Schools. I love that they give back and try to help child learn about food and cooking.



2 thoughts on “Nutritional, Enticing and Vegan To Your Door From Tastily

  1. Simply Alex Jean says:

    These sounds delicious and the packaging looks so wonderful and enticing! I’m glad to hear overall you enjoyed the meals and it’s great to hear their packaging in sustainable!

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