This year has been a year of finding myself and what I am truly worth. At 28, some may think that I should of already be settled but I am not. I am exploring the world and finding out if there is such a thing “limits” . NO SUCH THING SO FAR and I am loving it ! 

Photo by Omar Choudhry
Photo by Omar Choudhry

I am at this moment in my life I am doing some projects, running for a cause in which I am training for, trying to step out of my comfort zone and push to do even more. I have lost some weight, changed my style (which I tend on changing alot) and keep a consent smile on my face. I sometimes feel I don’t do enough until I ended up sleeping about 10pm instead of the usual 12am in the morning. 

Photo by Omar Choudhry
Photo by Omar Choudhry

I look back at the girl I was and look forward at the woman I have become. I tend on surprising myself each day on how much I have grown. I wake up feeling blessed, and go to bed Thanking God for a good day. I feel blessed for the family and friends who support me on every crazy idea I have, and push me when I feel like stopping. There is not such thing as Limits unless you put a limit on yourself and give up when your so close. 

Photo by Omar Choudhry

Outfit :

Top: Bershka 


Shoes: Flats from Clarks 

Necklack and Braclets : Argento Edinburgh

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