Why the two? bagels and running? Well its all for a good reason and a great cause that the whole world needs to know about and join. This year Global Energy Race is raising money in the UK for The Trussell Trust in collaboration with New York Bakery Co. I jumped on the bandwagon to join the cause because The Trussell Trust is helping thousands of individuals and families in the UK through their food banks. As a part of this blog I decided to help those who think just bagels and butter is the only thing to eat. I also have a little discount of those that want to join the race.

There is over 13 million people in the UK living in poverty, which is a large number of the population. The people that go hungry everyday have many reasons and effects them dearly. Today some of us can go through alot of food and throw it away without considering that we have been wasting food. Its scary at times that anyone can be in the situation from those who were filthy rich, business men and more. I think its time we made a change in our daily or weekly buys. Do you really need that? are you really going to eat it? Could I freeze it to eat it later on? There is alot of questions to ask yourself. When in doubt look to The Trussell Trust on how you can help.

New York Bakery Co supplies quality bagels with 5 in a pack. It can be used within in the 5 days or even less depending when you eat it. There are three meals in a day, with a bit of trial and error you can make some yummy dishes. I mention these bagels because its just enough if your on a budget to have some good meals and simple to have on your busy day.


I like to experiment with my choices of toppings on any bagels especially if you buy bagels with cinnamon and raisins. A few easy choices would be butter, and jam. I love raspberry jam especially if you can buy them from the local market. My other toppings with me peanut butter and bananas or strawberry jam and bananas. I know some may think of the jam and banana as a odd choice but I love the mixture of flavours. If you want to go savory, try avocado slices which is nutritious of a good morning before a run.


You could take it up a few notches and try this- beetroot scrambled eggs with a topping of avocado. It was definitely different and delicious before training for a 10K run.

Do you want to join the Global Energy Race ? Well I got a little discount for those that do- Use Discount code : NYBCOFRIENDS . The code will give you 15% off any of the races you want to do. I won’t be able to be in Rother Valley Country Park, but I will be running a 10K on Sunday 24th September 2017 in Horsham. Be part of an amazing race for a cause that is effecting millions in the United Kingdom.

12 thoughts on “New York Bakery Co Bagel Before Global Energy Race

  1. Sylvia says:

    I think i might have tasted a baggel once (me being French i guess). Your photos makes me want to give it another try. I like jogging (my 1st 5K in 2 weeks) and great causes (i volunteer regularly) so i’m wishing you all the best with this movement against poverty. I hate seeing people throwing away food!

  2. Lexi says:

    I’m happy to see you supporting such a great cause! All
    Those bagel ideas seem amazing, my go to is usually more savory, so I love the beetroot idea. I’ll have to try it out myself! I love using mozzarella and tomato on my bagels as well. Delicious!

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