This year has been a year of amazing changes in my life from how I think of life as well as myself. We women tend to look at ourselves in the mirror criticizing for everything from top to bottom of our body. A change was need I decided for myself it all has to change or it will consume my life with doubt, hatred and no confidence in myself. How can I do it ? Where can I begin? What do I need to do ? Who do I talk to ? and many more questions I started asking myself. I say God bless the internet for having internet and next day deliveries from Amazon. My journey begins with reading … alot of reading and inspiration.

I had a yo-yo on dieting for years and been trying to lose my weight for sometime, so when I got back from Lisbon, Portugal I had a wake up call. I read a book by Amelia Freer which showed me some ideas and went on a body challenge. I lost quiet a bit of weight bit also I changed mental. I did write all about it (CLICK HERE) and it was a life changer. I needed to change my habits and lifestyle a little bit to see a good change. I didn’t do crazy party nights or drinking alot at all but it was certain habits I had that needed a the change. I am still reading into other books like ‘Gut Diet’ and a few other nutritionist books to help me. I was inspired by my friend Francisco to change my diet.

A great change this year hit me even more is to travel more. I have joined different groups on facebook where I come across wonderful bloggers who have inspired me to explore. I have booked myself for a few trips around Europe and one big one for myself at the end of the year. Its a family tradition which my mum and I try to keep going on, like when we went to Porto. Traveling has opened my mind to endless possibilities and new opportunities. I am even studying Portuguese and Spanish this year, a travel tool I am happy to keep with me for the rest of my life.

When it comes to fashion, well my style changes all the time. I am woman who loves to add a new look but my trade mark is colour and hi-tops. I have managed to loose a good amount of weight for my body size and height which has given me the confidence to try out more looks. I am not a shopaholic like used to be so when dressing up I find pieces that suit me and I can play around in my wardrobe.  For example the skirt in my pictures where I can dress up or down depending on the occasion.

This year has been a good change and I can’t complain. I am grateful for the family and friends I have, I am grateful for the people who I meet and inspire me and for the  opportunities I come across. I love the work I do and the responses I received from readers, clients and followers.


All pictures taken by Danilo Torrisi

9 thoughts on “New Changes, New Looks and A New Found Confidence

  1. Gavin says:

    Great to see the positive changes you are making, such an inspiration. When traveling Europe you might want to look into walking a Camino or part of one. We did it his year and it was an amazing experience. Well Done.

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