Its always nice getting to try something you don’t ever make, like rice pudding. This time Adriana and I joined in on the challenge by Naughty but Rice company. We attempted to make our own rice pudding with a mixture of things. 


We received a box of goodies with different things to mix rice pudding with as well as their own flavoured ones. I found it tasteful and better than the ones I have tried in store. I have never made rice pudding so this was a challenge for me to go through it hahahaa… When doing a collaboration with my lovely Adriana, I always kind of make her do most of it while I film. I do more of the tasting and talking! ( No Surprise there!!) 


We made it but we switched a few of the ingredients on the instructions. We decided to replace the milk with cashew and almond milk, due to removing alot of dairy from our diet. To be honest it didn’t make a massive difference in the taste. 

rice 3

As we had a variety of things to play with for flavouring, we mixed it up a bit to show what else you can do. We had a raspberry ( used a local jam) and coconut, cinnamon and maple syrup ( celebrating Canada Day ) and the last one Matcha and lemon. I loved the fact we could place with the rice pudding so much when it came to flavours. Of course I took the left overs and made my breakfast. 

rice 7

I mixed my breakfast rice pudding with coconut and maple syrup with a top of granola from Fava Mill and some side of strawberries and raspberries. BREAKFAST was GOOOOOOOD! 

Check out how it all started for us….




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