I recently just celebrated national active day with Lorna Jane and the sporty sisters. It definitely was worth attending and getting to meet such an active team of women at The Burn Room. The day gathered together women who want to be fit and stay fit, which I do believe is a motivation booster.

With Nadine and Hanlie ( Fitness Queens I admire)
With Nadine and Hanile ( Fitness Queens I admire)

It all kicked of at the all women’s newly opened gym, The Burn Room at 3pm. We all got to know each other before we start a crazy work out. It started with a warm up from Linda Chambers, and we moved on to circuits and some team work. In the end we had a cool down with Yoga. I am not really a big fan of Yoga but slowly get myself into it in stages. The event did not just encourage to keep fit but also be healthy with Natural Nutrition Dubai and Organic Food and Cafe as well as Vitality (something everyone needs at home ) .

I am just a tough girl
I am just a tough girl

I loved the event because I had the chance to meet some lovely fitness queens and motivators. It was a room filled with fitness addicts or soon to be ones. I loved it all! It pushed me to work harder and push myself above my limit.


Lorna Jane has some fab exercise pieces to make work outs colourful. I love being a rainbow when I go to the gym or exercise classes. Its always tends to brighten up my day! They also have t-shirts with quotes 🙂 Such as the one that says ‘Happy’! If you also have a problem with a change of diet, there is a few recipe books to look through.

lorna jane
The Motivators of Today


I tend to always like surrounding my life with ladies that inspire me to reach to the top. It motivates any person to be healthy , fit and active with their lives.


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