This month is a special month, as it was on 1st of March I became vegan. Its a proud moment for myself, as it was the start of a great change. The month of March was a rollercoaster of changes in the best way possible. I tested out new dishes, new flavours and saw changes in my body as well as mind. It was a slow journey to reach the decision of becoming vegan but it was needed.

In one year, I managed to do what I can to help earth, animals and myself. I turned vegan a year ago due to my health. After months of researching and watching documentaries I came to a realization that I need to change. I needed to think of the long term goals when it came to health. There was so much developing in the vegan world that there was no saying ‘ I won’t be able to get this or that’ if I turned vegan.

This one year journey showed that all my food that I usually eat can be vegan or was already vegan. I experimented with vegetables, tofu, tempeh, seitan and many other foods. There has been no limitation at all on what I can make and eat being a vegan.

A few months into turning vegan, I realized that there were many more reasons to living this lifestyle. I watch documentaries like Cowspiracy, Plastic Ocean and many more. They opened my eyes and heart to do more for earth and the animals. We humans are more selfish than you can imagine, we destroy as much as we can to fill our own needs and wants.

The other reason  I will forever stay vegan is for the animals. Try to take the time to watch what we do to animals just to have them as a meal, its horrific. We have been taught from when we are born that we need animals meat and cows milk to survive. Its only as you get older that you come to terms with the fact, its all wrong.  I found out I have osteoporosis when I was 18, after an accident. I thought the cows milk, cheese and all dairy were helping me, but instead it was making it worse. When I was 25, I switched to plantbased milk, and it has forever changed my bones, skin and no more cyst.

Veganism is more than just eating a plantbased diet, its about speaking up for the voices that can’t be heard. I realized that in this one year journey. The animals have feels and there are plenty of books, research and documentaries that prove it. Nature is also another voice, and its been screaming at us for a long time. As you watch global warming rising, we sit there living as normal. Its sad how selfish we are to think we have no part to play in it. We eat animals that need space so we cut down more trees or mass fish. This one year, has opened my eyes as well as my heart.

I will continue my journey of being a vegan for very long time time. I hope you enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “My One Year Veganversary

  1. Mukhtar Al Hasani says:

    Thank you for helping me with my questions.
    I encourage and urge you to keep going with your goals.

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