As most of you know I have moved back to my home city, Dubai… It definitely a change of weather and environment. I just got used the 12 degrees in cold Edinburgh and the ability to walk every where or its only a bus ride away. I have been here 2 weeks and the 12 to 16 degree weather is doing just fine for me. 
I landed and had to go buy some flat shoes since I didn’t bring a proper pair with me. 

When coming back home to Dubai it was a must to go to my favourite salon. I have been going there since I was 16, Beauty Connection Spa. They always make me feel like a little princess once I do all my girlie things. 


The best manicures and pedicures in this city !!! Feels amazing to see my feet after a long time in boots.
A change of colour is what I just needed to start my new beginning in Dubai ! I love it 🙂 

Over the past few days I had to visit a number of places especially Dubai Mall… and still Big enough to get lost in ! The fashion avenue is one of my favourite parts of the mall 🙂 

My crazy colours are always with me…. I can’t help it!
The fashion avenue has endless amount of top designer stores… 🙂 
The level shoe district in the mall is every women’s must see as well as men. It endless amount of beautiful shoes !
Sometimes I think the world is too small and met this lovely lady Fleur who used to be in Edinburgh a while back 🙂 and fashionista she is !
 I was meant to buy one sandal and ended up coming out with wonderful bargains 🙂

My day out going to film and blog about new projects to come !


It was a must to have PappaRoti ! The best tea for a chill out with my mum.


Dinner time with family !!! Top and trousers from Mango 🙂


My pocahontas sandals !
I decided it was time to work out so I got ready and headed to the Dubai Ladies Club
Off to work .. Love playing around with the looks !!


Yellow jacket from Stradivarius and trousers from Mango!

There is more to come on my new adventures in Dubai… from new boutiques, designers and locations to check out. I am off to Muscat, Oman for a couple of days. It will be news all round to tell you about the Omani designers and boutiques and some wee traditional costumes and others. 

Stay tuneeeeed for more of Faz Fashion Diary !!!



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