Its been a few months since I started my Korean obsession. It would have to blame Netflix for introducing me to Korean Drama Tv Series. As the obsession began I found lots of Korean Tv apps, subscription boxes, nights out, learning apps and more all in the UK. I have seen alot of people you have the Kpop craze (something I am not into) but it has provide a shining light on South Korea from language, culture and more. Everything I am going to mention is based on things I have experienced from events, to buying food, trying food and more.

K Dramas ( Korean Tv Series)

This is where my Korean craze started. It was one bored day in summer before travelling, I turned on my Netflix to find a tv series in a different language. I came across an unrealistic and funny K drama called Strong Women Bong Soon. Of course like most women, I saw a few good looking men and got hooked on the show. I hunted through Netflix and ended watching a variety of Kdramas that reminded a little bit of the Arab tv series I used to watch. Another program which shows Korean tv dramas is Viki which has a great deal for a yearly subscription.

Korean Hip Hop/ Rnb

In the past few months I realised a trend in Korean Hip hop music and the good amount of talented artist. The love for the music began when I started listening to artist such as Jay Park, Dynamic Duo,Junoflo, Loco, Epik High, Crush, Gray, Reddy and many more. I got to see Crush live in January at O2 Kentish Town. There are a few more artist coming to London such as Epik High, Eric Nam, Sam Kim and more.

K Pop/ Hip Hop Nights Out

In the past few months I have managed to attend a few Kpop and K hiphop nights. I am not a huge fan of Kpop like my friends but there are some events which provide a mix of both.


It was my first Kpop/hiphop night out and it was a good one as I had my close friend Adriana and others dancing the night away with me. There is usually 3 rooms giving everyone a mix of what they like from pop, hiphop and EDM. Kevents goes all over Europe giving everyone their dose of Korean flavour and sometimes brings in Korean Hip hop artist to perform live which is a bonus. It definitely worth attending one of the nights out to really understand what I mean.


If you love Kpop this is definitely check their events out. I saw alot of familiar faces which was nice. The venue is O2 Academy Islington which is great for a small crowd of Kpop lovers ready to dance to all the choreography. The great thing about 1on1 events is that they try their best to please even the non Kpop lovers like me by throwing me some hip hop from time to time.


Korean Subscription Boxes

Inspire Me Korea

A subscription box put together with full of love for South Korea. I subscribed to Inspire Me Korea because I wanted to get more than just K beauty products from Korea. The box provides a mixture of beauty, culture, heritage, food, traditions and just enough on their history.

Korean Food


Oseyo – Camden Town

My friend introduced me to Oseyo on one of my many visits to London. Oseyo is a Korean supermarket based which as all you need to fill up the belly’s. They have ready made meals and desserts, packet food such instant noodles to yummy junk food munchies. I feel spoilt for choice every time I want to buy something from the market.


Oriental Mart 

Oriental Mart is an online grocery store where it provides everything you need for my Asian craving. I bought a box load of noodles, sauces for a stir-fry, sweets, and more. They are afford, efficient and is quick to delivery.



Gogi Korean Bbq and Grill was the first restaurant I have ever been to in London for Korean food. The restaurant is not far from my Edgware Road. The interior is basic with not to much of fuss as the food is suppose to do all the talking. The staff are pleasant, the food is good and is really popular during lunch time.


Olle located near China town is a small Korean Restaurant. I just has the basic bibimbap as I was really hungry and needed to fill out the belly with a side of beer. I found it pricey but I think really due to the location.


Learning Korean


As the obsession grows the erg to learn Korean grows so I signed up with Korean Class 101. They provide a large amount of online classes and teachers to help. My subscription is for 2 years so I am slowly pushing myself to learn. Its a great online course to pick up the basics of the language. They also have youtube videos to watch and podcast you can listen to.

Hello Talk 

One of my favourite apps to use to meet Korean people to learn the language. I have been helping out a few people with English and they help me with Korean. I have met a few lovely people through the app who are now my good friends.

17 thoughts on “My Little Korean World In The UK

  1. Kayleigh Allen says:

    This is such a cool post! I’ve bought my ticket to both club nights this month now and am going try some of the food places you mentioned too!
    Count me as a new reader!
    Thank you so much! Stay cool!

  2. Art & Home says:

    I love the idea of exploring other cultures, including food, music, and TV… although I seem to be leaning more toward Latin cultures than Korean. But that’s just me. 🙂

  3. Gervin Khan says:

    Nice post and looks like you really had a great time in the event. I am not a fan of K-pop but listening to them is a lot of fun.

  4. Geemiz says:

    I am hooked to Korean entertainment and culture too. If I would suggest more K-drama series – The Heir, City Hunter, Legend of the Blue Sea, Faith – also known as The Great Doctor (All lead by actor Lee Min-ho). K-Movies 9action thriller) – Parasite, VIP, Memoir of a Murderer. Would love to hear some recommendation from your end too.

  5. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    Haha! I remember my sister and my niece they really love Kpop so much and I think they bought some of the stuffs with their idols face. I can see in your eyes and in your smile that you’ve had a great time.

  6. Dalene Ekirapa says:

    WOW! You really are going Korean in the UK. I would enjoy Korean subscription boxes, food and Korean dramas-of course, I watch them too. And the Hello Talk app sounds great!

  7. Kevin Akidi says:

    Good to know I am not the only one hooked on Korean tv drama. I blame Netflix but then are great. I also love K beauty products as well. Somehow I have managed to resist kpop.

  8. Jasmine M says:

    I keep debating on watching K-dramas on Netflix. I know for sure that I want to subscribe to some of the Korean subscription boxes, especially for the beauty products.

  9. Erik the Hungry Traveller says:

    Coincedentally my next post is all about my trip to Korea.
    And just like you i enjoy watching Korean series in Netflix. The last series i watched were gAngnam beauty and goblin.

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