My mother is my best friend since the day I was born. I only realised it when I reached my 20s how much she really means to me. Every time I look at my mother I smile because she is a beauty inside and out. She constantly inspires me to strive for greatness with my the talents I have.

My mother and I share alot of things in common especially out birthday. She calls me “The happy Grinch that stole her birthday”. We both have a similar outlook on life and don’t take things to serious. We believe to laugh alot, smile when you happy and even when you sad, we believe in being kind to others and give back more than you take. I feel blessed that we have these things in common.

My mother has shown been in last year that age is just a number. She has accomplished to get an IT certificate, bookkeeping certificate and still going to push to be an accountant, went to Madrid to study Spanish, and keeps on take adventures when ever she can. Its not just her face looks her but so is heart and soul.

Since my mum moved in with me 2 years ago we have been able to become even closer people even think we are sisters. We have changed out way of thinking, we changed out way of life, we even changed our bad food habits and travel the world together. We have both learned from each other and grown to be happier women.

I write this with a heart filled with happiness because I am blessed to have a mother like mine. I am happy my best friend is the greatest woman in the world, my mother.




All photos are taken by : June Miyoshi 

12 thoughts on “My Best Friend, My Mother.

  1. Sundeep says:

    Indeed! I am totally agree with you and my best friend is my mother. She’s always the one I go to with my problems. She always knows the right things to say when I’m upset and she knows exactly what I love.

  2. Marysa says:

    How great that you have such a wonderful relationship with your mom. My mom passed when I was young and there are some issues in the family. You truly are lucky!

  3. Bindu Thomas says:

    Its great to see such warmth in your relationship. Your mom is quite an inspiring person to take up certifications at an age when most people would not even think about it. Way to go

  4. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    Love this story so much! You love is really unconditional! Both of you! This is very inspiring! Hope for a more blessed relationship to you and to everyone! That kind of relationship is such a blessing!

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