As I got to Lisbon, I always need to try new places in order to give the best advice on where to go. I came across a few nice restaurants to try if your in the city due to going out with my friends. The restaurants are not Portuguese, which is something different especially for a travel blogger exploring the city. I wanted to show what Lisbon has to offer ! You might be able to see a them through the choices.


Costa Do Malabar 

A lovely restaurant bringing food from South India to Lisbon. It is located at Rua Rose Damasceno and the nearest metro station is Alameda . I went there with a friend who knew the area and suggested this place. The staff were welcome and pleasant, they spoke English and Portuguese. The portion sizes were plenty and tasty. Of course I had starters, main and dessert- I got to try it all !


Onion Bhaji ( Pasteis De Cebola)

Vegetable Samosa ( Chamuca De Vegetais)


Lamb Roast ( Borrego Assado)

Lamb Mappas ( Borrego Mappas)

Pulao Rice ( Arroz Pulao)




This is definitely must try for me, the food was good, staff were lovely and location was in a nice busy area.


Lost In – Esplanada Bar

I place I did not know existed until my friend Fabiola showed me it. I usually have my morning runs in the area ( yes I am crazy for fitness even on holiday ). It is one of Lisbon’s hidden gems with a great view of the city, good drinks and food. We kept the food basic and had shrimp curry with rice and a nice glass of white wine.

Prawn curry topped of with coconut

Rice ( Arroz)

This restaurant is not known for its food but for its view of Lisbon and drinks on a good day. I found the prices reasonable for the quality of food. It is also wonderful if you have good company to join you.

It was so nice to catch up with Fabiola after such a long time. 🙂 We have known each other ever since I lived in Edinburgh. We both live in different places but blessed we can meet in such a wonderful city.

The view from Lost In


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10 thoughts on “Lisbon’s Must Try Restaurants

  1. amit says:

    I’m planning on heading to the Azores islands for my next trip and want to stop off in Lisbon for a few days, I will try and drop by this restaurant and check it out. looks great 😀

  2. Emily says:

    Food is one of my favorite things about traveling! You can never re make a countries history, nor make the food taste the same! I will definitely try these if I ever make it to Lisbon!

    • Farah says:

      You have to visit Portugal. Lisbon especially ! The nicest people you can meet, great food, amazing wine and beautiful beaches. I always go back and try something new.

  3. Marsha Wood says:

    Next month I will go Lisbon for my business trip. I love south Indian food. But I hadn’t any idea where will be found south Indian foods in Lisbon. I want to taste all these foods. It looks yummy. Thanks for sharing this article.

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