I love shopping at La Vida Bouqitue..Why ? That is a simple answer. There is so much good one off pieces that can be worn from day to night. I love being able 2 to 3 pieces in different ways.

Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography

Let me start with maxi wrap dress. It can go from day time walks to night time partying by adding and removing items. I love leopard prints because it matches my personality but most of all it can hide a multitude of sins ( Aka my belly hahaha). I don’t believe in following trends, I tend to clash with colours and patterns. Live life with no fear.

Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography

When it comes to boho tunic dresses, its gets even more fun for the summer. The dresses a flowy and light so its easy to just wear it buy itself for chilling on the beach or walks.

Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography

When its time to party, its easy to pop on a pencil skirt or even shorts with pair of heels or dressy sandals.

Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography

When its time to be even more dressy.. Layering never killed anyone. Long shirts over skirts, creates a dress like feel. Its great when you go one popping colour and pattern. I love this Camo shirt!

Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography

A day time look never dies out. A comfortable vest with a rebel feel and wide pants. I think I am ready to go on holiday now.

Photo by Danilo Torrisi Photography

Shopping became simpler when you find good boutiques with amazing clothing, like La Vida Boutique.

10 thoughts on “Mix And Match At La Vida Boutique Horsham

  1. Pam says:

    I love the leopard print as well – especially the long open one! Looks like you had a great time – these are awesome!

  2. Kanupriyaa says:

    Oooh I love the bold prints, I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone and find clothes with more colors and these look great!

  3. Carista says:

    I LOVE this post! You did some things with your clothes that are SO cute and that I would never think of! I have a wrap dress that I will definitely try opening up to wear as a cardigan!

  4. Justine says:

    What kind of personality matches with a leopard print? I am not much into animal prints so I am curious what kind of personality loves animal prints? I so much agree when it comes to layering!

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